Ducking Google search

Google is an awesome company. I like a few things they do. I especially liked their now defunct, google code search, which was extremely helpful for looking up code, instead of having to download source.
There are a few things that i totally dislike in the newer google search interface though. As much as it has retained its simplicity, in look and feel, there is a lot that happens now. For instance, the automatic suggestions, which i am not a big fan of and in fact find it a little annoying at times. Another being, search results spread across multiple pages. In most cases, anything that is not shown in the first page is mostly ignored.

After chance encounter with duckduckgo and evaluating it for a while, i liked the way duckduckgo worked. And a couple of months ago, i moved to using it full time. It is now my default search engine in firefox (Download it here).
"duckduckgo" is surely a intriguing name for a search engine (or anything else for that matter), and thanks to wikipedia i found out why. With its simple interface, the duck with an attitude logo, the dynamically growing page displaying search results is surely worth a try. The only thing i miss though is the uncanny sense of humour.

So if you think DuckDuckGo is something that you might like, I suggest that go ahead and give it a shot.

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