Some people need to be thanked

Life is a mixture of good things and bad.

For all those who think there is not much good left in this world anymore, heres some good news. I have come across good people, people who look out for others around them and not just themselves. People who stand by others when then need support the most.
And call it a co-incidence, a whole lot of such good people are together at this once place, Aditi Technologies in Bangalore.

If you have read about Ummi’s unfortunate accident here, you would know what am writing about. My last post though, does not cover a lot of details regarding how Ummi got to the hospital. What i missed out in my last post goes here, a few details or the order of events might be wrong, thats because we ourselves are not aware of a lot of things. And there are too many people involved.
Ummis Bike @ the Police Station
[ A picture of Ummis Bullet @ the police station ]

The first person who spotted Ummi lying on the pavement unconscious, was Manjunath, the noble soul, who jumped into action mode by first trying to get in touch with somebody who might be able to identify Ummi [ His wallet and phone were stolen by then]. Using plain common-sense and with the help of the police [ who were informed about the incident by Manjunath ] – they traced down Ummis identification and residence based on the registration number of Ummis bike. Manjunath then took Ummi to the NIMHANS hospital. Meanwhile, the cops went to Ummis place (he stays alone) – spoke to the house owner.

Ummi works at Aditi Technologies, more about the company here. And once Manjunath (and the cops) got to know that he works for Aditi, they called up Aditis’ security and informed them about the accident.

All this happened at around 2.00 AM on sunday morning.

Once folks at Aditi got to know about this, all of Ummis team-mates rushed to NIMHANS.[ A word or two about NIMHANS. I have never seen such a worth-less hospital all my life, the staff and their attitude lacks any respect to human life and dignity. But more about that later.] Am glad that Ummis colleagues shared the same opinion about NIMHANS and immediately moved him to HOSMAT, where he is currently being treated.

What the guys at Aditi did was indeed praise-worthy. A few names i can remember of-hand Manas, Chethan P, Chethan S, Deepak….. the list just goes on. I am sorry that i dont remember most of the other names. And the list includes his team-mates, his manager, the HR manager, the GM and a whole lot of others who rushed to the hospital and stood by him and all of his friends. Their presence of mind and their selflessness assured me that there are good people in this world. And they are right among us.

Ummi is actually serving his notice period at Aditi, despite that, folks at Aditi have taken care of the insurance cover. This is indeed commendable. I am not sure how many organizations would do that. Its not surprising for a company with such moral and human values to have employees who share the same ideals.

Manjunath and the gang from Aditi, i bow down to you guys. Thanks a ton for your support, Ummi would not have pulled through without you guys.

21 thoughts on “Some people need to be thanked

  1. Seriously.. Hatsoff to them.
    Its not only that they took care of him at the critical time but even now they constantly check the updates n his (Umi’s)progress..

  2. Wishing Umesh the very best
    All at ADITI pray for Umesh recovering as soon as possible and he be back to his healthy state.
    We are by him. Thank you Partha for the update. Priviledged to work with so many great folks at ADITI
    Niranjan Nelamangalam

  3. Umi
    Got the news today that Umesh is recovering from the experience… Good to know that. Hope he makes a full recovery.

  4. Healing prayers
    I don’t know Umesh, but I would like to send him healing prayers from the US! I hope he recovers quickly. Sounds like there is A LOT friends with positive energy around him to help, and that makes all the difference. God Bless…

  5. Get well soon
    Hi, I am an employee of Aditi, I wish you a speedy recovery. Get well soon, Aditi’s wishes are with you.

  6. /me bows down to the folks in Aditi
    Thank you Aditians for all your support!! You people rock! 🙂
    Here’s wishing Umi a very speedy recovery!

  7. A salute to all who have been praying for Umi…
    Thanks a ton to all those who have prayed for Umi.
    People in Aditi are still praying for him. I remember a gal from Aditi,F5 calling me and asking about Umi. U know folks, she’s a part of a Prayer group who try to heal others by prayers. May be its something like REIKI. She and her whole group is praying for Umi.
    I really feel proud to come across such wonderful people in Aditi & outside as well. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.
    Umi, Get well soon..

    • Re: Get well soon dear..
      Beach tikki Dude,
      you will recover very soon, we all are praying for you…
      yeah for ADITIans a proud salute.
      –Vikas (x-Aditian)

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