who’s getting high??

On saturday night (jun 21st) – a very good friend of mine, Umesh,  while returning from a party at his friends place met with an accident. It was in the middle of the night when he was returning home, that he probably lost control of his bullet and hit the pavement and hurt himself real bad. Head injuries to be precise. He lay like that on the road for more than a few hours, when some noble soul passing by (this was around 3.00 early morning Sunday) discovered Ummi, lying there on the pavement with the bullet on the road, rushed him to NIMHANS with the help of J.P.Nagar Police and we ultimately got to know about this unfortunate incident only by around 4.30.

On reaching NIMHANS, and seeing Ummi lying in a totally unconscious and in a very pitiable state is going to be really hard for me to forget. His forehead was swollen beyond imagination and his face was wreathed in pain, and totally lifeless.

Later in the day he was moved to HOSMAT – and he is being treated  there. With three blood-clots in his brain, his situation seems to have improved a little since yesterday. We all are hoping that he will pull through. And the doctors say that he might, and if he does the recovery is what is going to be the toughest. Basically the Basal Ganglion tissues in his brain have suffered a slight damage, the effects of which are not easy to recover from.

What we realized after speaking to a few of his friends from the trekking club, with whom he was partying, was that he was drunk. They were celebrating something, god knows what. And as is the ‘norm’ with any party – there was booze.

I don’t mean to sound philosophical, but this incident has disturbed me a lot. As a friend am going through a painful phase looking at him suffer this way – i cant even imagine how difficult it is for his family.

I know ummi well, and he is known to be a careful driver/rider, and has a lot of ‘capacity’ to drink, at-least thats what he claims. But wherever he is today, it is because of drinking. After what ummi is going through, I have no clue why a lot of us don’t understand the serious impact of Drinking for pleasure.
I have not had alcohol – so i don’t know how it feels to be drink – and trust me – i don’t ever want to know how it feels.

It makes me wonder if ‘drinking’ is the *only* way to enjoy any situation/achievement. I mean since college i have been seeing this, and things have only got worse. We are earning now, and we have access to more expensive and variety of booze . A lot of my friends drink – if one has to celebrate, for any reason, it has to have a touch of
‘Alcohol’ to it.

What does it give to those who drink??? A certain high on life?? An escapists pleasure??  Or does it all just boil down to a ‘momentary lapse of reasoning’, when we lose the ability to respond to situations normally???
I wouldn’t know. Be it a glass of beer or a shot of some other drink – Alcohol, ultimately, is doing things to your mind which smells only of disaster.

Well, at-least that is what i think.

I am not preaching. I am just thinking aloud.

Its my friend in question, And it pains to see him this way.

Get well soon Ummi.

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