Updates et al…

And am back… After a BIG break. 🙂

Am a married man now. :). Feels a little wierd saying that. But its good. And everythings chill on the personal front. Going great actually. My friends were there for the wedding including


 . Which was surprise since i was not really expecting them to move their butts :). Thanks guys, for making it.

I’m still sorting out the pictures, i shall post them asap.

On the work front. My new employer is a huge disappointment. I have absolutely no meaningful work. I feel totally wasted. So its that time again when i am looking out for a job which gives me something to learn, do and have fun. If any of you find any openings in your respective work places – please do let me know. My email id is ajaysusarla at gmail dot com.
I’ve been working in C on Linux primarily. But i would love to move to C++. Although am not sure if anybody would give me a job in C++ when i have not worked on it. Basically “Will do anything for Fun!”.

Hey, I almost forgot. Wish you all a very happy new year.


 tells me its shwethas wedding. May the God bless you guys. Cheerio

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