Hard truth(s) of life!

* It hurts to a give away(read sell) something that you are really passionate about, in this case My Jeep.
* The pulsar, with its disc brakes wont stop before moving a couple of feet after you slam the brakes when you are ‘cruising’ at 80 kmph on hosur road. The only thing that happens is that you end up hitting the zen which is stalled dead on road all of a sudden, and screw up your bumper and his.
* Never gulp down two cans of red bull at 8.30 in the night, trust me you will not be able to sleep all thru the night. And you will be doing is having a totally useless conversation about the feasibility of a community on Gimpnet.

In other news:
I am leaving Novell. The 28th of this month is my last day out here. Mostly joining Oracle (cos they are paying me a lot more money as comared to the other offers i have been made) on the 31st.

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