Linux on iPod

So i tried installing Linux on the iPod photo i got my hands on. I had seen this quite sometime ago. And when i did finally get an iPod – the first thing i did was try and install Linnux on it.
It was fun. The kernel first and then the click wheel drivers, and then the encoders. It took me 8 hours straight, all night.
I had a Linux kernel running – and i was flying high on my success, just when the mp3 decoder which i built and installed, screwed something up real bad, and the pod refused to boot. Sigh!! After a couple of days of trying to revive the kernel on the pod, i decided to give up.

I just restored the firmware back using the Mac machine i have right next to me at work, reminiscences of shreyas sitting next to me.


One thought on “Linux on iPod

  1. The ipod interfaces on linux are not mature at all. Now that you have a npfs partition try to sync it with banshee or gtkpod. They are ok for syncing a few songs but suck for initial upload of 2000 songs. I wasted so much time trying to get them all to work, its not even funny.

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