Lots of things

Whew!! Too much of activity of late. Theres this sudden surge of interest at work for me. I just branched Evo, for some async stuff which i was doing – its been nice so far. I should commit those changes onto the gnome cvs before the end of this week.

The gang i used to hang out with at work is no more with Shreyas() quitting last week. So its really boring at work, no carrom, no philosophical (and at times mostly pointless) discussions about life and other things. No more cribbing since i dont have people to crib to out here. But not doing all this has driven me to do the async branch.

Last week was out at NITK for their Engineer 06 conference. Spoke about some opensource stuff, and had a hacking session spanning more than a couple of hours. Interesting crowd. Showed them how to write kernel modules, debugging and a whole load of other stuff – basically “Linux Foo..” like Shreyas() puts it.

Hmm… life moves on, among lots of other things!

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