Interesting quote

I was reading a forward from a friend of mine who is very fond of sending forwards, since he is on the bench for too very long in a very *reputed* Software Services Firm, waiting for his turn to do something in the US of A or wherever. Anyways, i usually ignore this guys mails. But today i was really very bored. And i decided to read thru a mail titled “Intersting Quote(s)”, and this is what i found:

“Truth of life – When everything fails, try loneliness”

I started wondering, what if loneliness fails too. Does this quote make sense or not?? Whoever did quote this – must have been one or all of these:
* a software engineer who is on bench (cough! cough!)
* another software engineer who is slogging it out at some clients office
* a true psycopath
* a love lorn hu(MAN)
* since it sounded so much like him when i read it first. Although i really am clueless as to what his opinion on this subject is

freaky world, crazy people, crazier quotes.

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